Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We are a group of students mainly from China (currently studying in Singapore, America and mainland China) hoping to alleviate the loneliness issues seniors are facing.

What are we doing?

We are creating a platform to link up service projects that aims to combat seniors’ loneliness across the world together. We are connecting seniors with other groups of people (such as children), providing them a chance to help each other.

Why are we creating a platform?

We believe by linking up like-minded people and similar projects, we can generate more creative ideas, utilise resources in a more efficient way and help each other to better serve seniors.

Who are we serving?

We are serving financially struggling and socially isolated seniors. - Seniors without phones - Seniors with phones but do not know how to use them - Seniors able to phones but without anyone to contact

What is our mission?

WE are committed to combating the loneliness epidemic WE are eager to connect the seniors with their loved ones WE are compassionate about serving the community

What can you do?

- Regional Manager ​- Publicity Team ​ - Strategic Team - Outreach Team Visit "Join Us" for more information :)